Problem statements about school shootings

As a design thinking practitioner, I’ve been thinking about all the problem statements we could send to our lawmakers to help them focus on ideating solutions to school shootings. I expect being a public servant is difficult which is why we go through all the trouble of electing people to solve these complex problems. In this prosperous and developed nation, how can we can be so powerless to protect our most precious treasures? Our lawmakers are too distracted, conflicted, and compromised to act.
A child needs to feel safe at school and not worry about being shot because schools are bastions of learning, mentorship, and safety.
A mother needs to feel assured her child will not be shot at school by a semiautomatic gun so that she does not ever have to plan her precious child’s funeral.
A teacher needs to feel confident they will not be shot at work by a semiautomatic rifle or have to protect students from bullets because in a developed, prosperous nation we do not worry about weapons of war being used against us at work.
“Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future.” –The Universal House of Justice